Building trustworthy planning and scheduling systems

What is a reliable Al system? 
We want to deeply investigate the technical and algorithmic bases of such systems

The three-year mission of TUPLES is to provide new technical approaches for Planning & Scheduling

We will test our findings on real-world problems and create a test environment for future reliable P&S systems

Online collaboration is working fine but sometimes meeting face to face is really a good thing. So we did it for the third time in KU Leuven.

We are part of a broader community of research and development efforts dedicated to advancing AI in a responsible and human-centered manner.

FAI Group, part of the Saarland Informatics Campus, contribution to the TUPLES project and ongoing research efforts in the foundations of AI are significant steps forward in advancing our understanding of this technology and ensuring its safe and responsible use in the future.

building tools to increase confidence

No harm to people or the environment

Stability and sensitivity in all situations