First Assembly of the TUPLES’ Consortium

The TUPLES project kicked off with a large general assembly
tuples consortium

All ANITI partners, KU Leuven, Saarland University, the University of Bologna, Airbus, Optit, and SciSports met at the ANITI headquarters in Toulouse for the first plenary meeting which initiated the TUPLES project.

It was a really pleasant and interesting two days where all the working groups presented their WPs (Work Packages) to the participants and started planning times and ways of this exciting project that will see us together for the next three years.

You can read here the first press release.

Latest News

TUPLES members will lead key workshops at ICAPS 2024 in Alberta, Canada, showcasing advancements in human-aware, explainable, and data-driven planning and scheduling

We presented the key challenges of trustworthy AI through one of our project’s five use cases: the BELUGA™ Airbus Scheduling and Logistics in Aircraft Manufacturing.

AI in the places where it's actually done, with little media hype and a lot of hard work.