TUPLES introduction at the ANITI Days

Sylvie Thiebaux, Coordinator of the TUPLES Project, made an introductory presentation of the objectives and challenges of our projects during the ANITI Days
TUPLES introduction at the ANITI Days

Open to the entire scientific community, evolving in the field of artificial intelligence, to people initiated or interested in subjects related to AI, ANITI days are an opportunity to present and discuss progress and results. research work in AI but also to expose the scientific problems encountered as well as the avenues and solutions explored on a daily basis.

Round tables will also provide a cross-section of disciplines such as philosophy, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

On the 11th of October during the TUPLES Project Coordinator, Sylvie Thiebaux, made a presentation focused on the aspect of trusted planning and scheduling system.

See the video of the presentation:

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AI in the places where it's actually done, with little media hype and a lot of hard work.

Daniel Höller, Jörg Hoffmann, Marcel Steinmetz and our chief coordinator Sylvie Thiebaux are in the organizing committee of the upcoming third Workshop on Reliable Data-Driven Planning and Scheduling (RDDPS) that is being held within The International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) the premier forum for researchers and practitioners in planning and scheduling.

The manufacturing use case is based on well-known scheduling and resource allocation and planning challenges and this use case has a number of special features that make the challenge much more complex. The use case has two applications: robust scheduling of resources and resource allocation for rack systems.

Online collaboration is working fine but sometimes meeting face to face is really a good thing. So we did it for the third time in KU Leuven.