TUPLES website is online

  • 30/12/2022
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TUPLES has launched its website and its social channels
Website online

The first milestone of the WP7 (Communication and Dissemination) has been achieved. The TUPLES’ website and it’s twitter and linkedin page have been published along with the communication guidelines. The launch is contemporary with the choice of graphic guidelines and logo.
The TUPLES logo symbolizes the link with the brackets and neural connectors, but also expresses softness in the font of the characters.
The nuanced colors from cool blues to warmer purples symbolize the balance between scientific and inner, psychological aspects.
In fact, the TUPLES project faces with scientific rigor the technical aspects as well as the perceptive and social ones related to the use of artificial intelligence applications.

Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/TuplesAI
Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tuplesai/

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Marcel Vinzent PHD at the AI Group at Saarland University has presented at the prestigious AAAI Conference the paper “Neural Policy Safety Verification via Predicate Abstraction: CEGAR.” written by Marcel Vinzent, Siddhant Sharma, Joerg Hoffmann

ANITI, our project coordinator, will bring into the TUPLES project its capacity to connect industrial process and AI

Website online

TUPLES website is online

TUPLES has launched its website and its social channels