Saarland 18-month meeting

AI in the places where it’s actually done, with little media hype and a lot of hard work.

And how do you do it? Many, many hours of exchange, of attempts, of agreeing and disagreeing. More than 40 people have been working together for 18 months under the careful and kind guidance of Sylvie Thiebaux.

Saarland University, KU Leuven University, Aniti at the University of Toulouse, Bologna Unibo University, CVUT University, AI Research at Airbus, Optit, SciSports; brilliant minds, emeritus professors and young talents, each one brings their contribution to compose this great puzzle that is slowly taking shape.

Trustworthy AI, hybrid planning and scheduling methods, verification and explanation methods, these are the goals that guide everyone’s work like a beacon. Very ambitious, truly innovative objectives. But we are getting there, we see that the destination is approaching on the horizon, we are almost halfway through our project and the best is yet to come.

Every six months we meet in person because seeing each other occasionally really gives that extra push and because it makes the beauty of these European projects that bring together people from very different countries even more tangible.
We concluded our 18-month assembly in the impressive campus of Saarland University, a place full of history, in an area that has seen great conflicts in the past. And yet here they are, all united for a common goal: making AI Trustworthy, Germans, French, Italians, Czechs, Belgians, Spanish.
Nice, don’t you think?