TUPLES Project Members Workshops at ICAPS 2024

TUPLES members will lead key workshops at ICAPS 2024 in Alberta, Canada, showcasing advancements in human-aware, explainable, and data-driven planning and scheduling

The 34th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) in Alberta, Canada, is featuring several key contributions from members of the TUPLES project. This esteemed conference is a central hub for advancements in automated planning and scheduling, and TUPLES members are at the forefront of several influential workshops and tutorials.

Rebecca Eifler is co-organizing the ICAPS’24 workshop on Human-Aware and Explainable Planning (HAXP). This workshop aims to bridge the gap between human cognitive processes and automated planning systems, emphasizing the importance of transparency and interpretability in AI-driven planning solutions. Visit https://icaps24.icaps-conference.org/program/workshops/haxp/.

Marcel Steinmetz is co-organizing the ICAPS’24 workshop on Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Reinforcement Learning (PRL). This workshop seeks to integrate the strengths of planning algorithms and reinforcement learning techniques to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of AI systems. More information on https://icaps24.icaps-conference.org/program/workshops/prl/.

Daniel Hoeller, Joerg Hoffmann, Sylvie Thiebaux and Marcel Steinmetz are co-organizing the workshop on Reliable Data-Driven Planning and Scheduling (RDDPS). This workshop focuses on the reliability and robustness of data-driven approaches in planning and scheduling, addressing critical challenges in real-world applications. Further details on https://icaps24.icaps-conference.org/program/workshops/rddps/.

Daniel Hoeller will be delivering an invited talk at the ICAPS’24 workshop on Hierarchical Planning (HPLAN). While this talk is not directly associated with the TUPLES project, it underscores Hoeller’s expertise and contribution to the broader field of planning. Info https://icaps24.icaps-conference.org/program/workshops/hplan/.

Florent Teichteil-Koenigsbuch, alongside Alexandre Arnold (not a TUPLES member), Guillaume Poveda, and Sylvie Thiebaux, will be presenting a tutorial on the Scikit-Decide Library. This tutorial aims to familiarize attendees with this versatile library, which is designed to facilitate decision-making processes in various AI applications. Details on https://icaps24.icaps-conference.org/program/tutorials/2024_t03_scikit_decide/.

ICAPS 2024 is always a pivotal event, showcasing cutting-edge research and innovative solutions in the field of automated planning and scheduling, and we are very proud to have some substantial contributions coming from TUPLES member.