TUPLES Team Celebrates Notable Achievements at ICAPS 2024 in Scenic Canadian Rockies

Our TUPLES colleagues shone brightly at ICAPS’24

The latest edition of ICAPS, the premier forum for researchers and practitioners in planning and scheduling, has just wrapped up in Alberta, Canada. The stunning mountain backdrop provided an inspiring setting for a lively delegation from the TUPLESproject. The event was filled with engaging seminars, interactive workshops, and notable recognitions.

Our TUPLES colleagues shone brightly at ICAPS’24, bringing home several prestigious awards. A big round of applause goes to Daniel Hoeller (USaar) for receiving the ICAPS 2024 Best Dissertation Award for his work “Hierarchical Planning: Expressivity Analysis, Solving Techniques, and Problem Compilations.” Congratulations also for Rostislav Horcik and Gustav Sir (CVUT), whose paper “Expressiveness of Graph Neural Networks in Planning Domains” was named the conference’s Best Paper Runner-Up.

The TUPLES team also played a significant role in various workshops and tutorials. Rebecca Eifler co-organized the workshop on Human-Aware and Explainable Planning (HAXP). Marcel Steinmetz took part in the workshop on Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Reinforcement Learning (PRL). Daniel Hoeller, alongside Joerg Hoffmann, Sylvie Thiebaux, and Marcel Steinmetz, co-organized the workshop on Reliable Data-Driven Planning and Scheduling (RDDPS).

Florent Teichteil-Koenigsbuch, together with Alexandre Arnold, Guillaume Poveda, and Sylvie Thiebaux, presented a tutorial on the Scikit-Decide Library, a tool designed to streamline decision-making in AI applications.
Florent took also part in the industry panel on The future of applied planning in industry and society.

We are very proud of our TUPLES members for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of automated planning and scheduling.
Here’s to more successes and memorable moments in the future!