Beluga™ Airbus Competition pre-registration launch !

Join us from October 2024 to advance Trustworthy AI with real-world industrial applications

Are you ready to advance Trustworthy AI with real-world industrial applications?  Challenge yourself by solving a real-life sequential decision-making problem focusing on scalability and explainability.

Join us from October 2024 for the Beluga™ Airbus Competition.

Why Participate?
  • Real-World Challenge: Inspired by the new Beluga™ Airbus, tackle the strategic process of loading and unloading.
  • Focus Areas: Dive into challenges that emphasize scalability and explainability.
  • Prize Budget: €5000
  • Collaboration Opportunity: Winners will collaborate with the TUPLES consortium’s research activities.

The competition will run two challenges:

Scalability challenge: solve larger and larger problems
 – Metrics: solving time, solution quality
 – Flavors: deterministic and probabilistic

Explainability challenge: explain infeasibilities or alternative solutions

 – Metrics: explanation quality and completeness
 – Flavors: deterministic only.

Tools Provided

We will provide two ways of solving instances of the use case, through a scikit-decide library:
 – Simulator: gym-like environment suitable to reinforcement learning solvers
 – Model: PDDL description of the domain suitable to classical planning solvers

How to Join

Pre-register here with your email to stay updated on the TUPLES competition and be the first to know when it kicks off.  Competition rules will be provided to pre-registered participants soon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to test your skills and contribute to the future of Trustworthy AI !