Our partner Optit

Founded to bring the practice of Operations Research to the market, Optit offers today operational excellence and effective decision making support systems leveraging on a large range of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence approaches.

Marcel Vinzent PHD at the AI Group at Saarland University has presented at the prestigious AAAI Conference the paper “Neural Policy Safety Verification via Predicate Abstraction: CEGAR.” written by Marcel Vinzent, Siddhant Sharma, Joerg Hoffmann

ANITI, our project coordinator, will bring into the TUPLES project its capacity to connect industrial process and AI

Website online

TUPLES website is online

TUPLES has launched its website and its social channels

TUPLES introduction at the ANITI Days

Sylvie Thiebaux, Coordinator of the TUPLES Project, made an introductory presentation of the objectives and challenges of our projects during the ANITI Days

tuples consortium

The TUPLES project kicked off with a large general assembly